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When the inquiry was first launched there was a call for written evidence from both individuals and organisations. The deadline for written submissions was Friday 21 August 2015 and they received over 230 submissions. Organisations and individuals that have submitted evidence are not allowed to publish it on their own website, but the Committee is slowly releasing any evidence that is not private. The Committee made the following statement on 9th September:

The first tranche of evidence to the Transgender Equality inquiry has now been published. The Committee received over 230 submissions in total, much of which includes personal or other sensitive information, so it is taking longer than usual to process and will be published in stages.

We are hugely grateful to everyone who submitted evidence. All requests for confidentiality will be scrupulously observed and we are contacting witnesses to check we do not publish anything against their wishes.

Links to the written evidence released so far are below:

IMPORTANT: Some of the submissions below may be transphobic either in part or in full.

Evidence from trans and non-binary organisations

Evidence from LGBT organisations

Evidence from medical organisations (including the NHS) and their regulators and representatives

Evidence from Government Departments

Evidence from national statutory organisations

Evidence from Barristers providing legal opinions at the request of the Committee

Evidence from local government, police, etc

Evidence from other organisations 

Evidence from individuals (listed by surname, or first name if no surname given)

Anonymised Submissions (Listed under reference number)


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About the Inquiry

The Inquiry into Transgender Equality was first launched by the new Women and Equalities Committee. It began on 27th July 2015 and is currently still ongoing.

The official website of the inquiry is available here and you can also follow along on twitter using the #transinquiry hashtag.